What is Beau2ful Inc?

Beau2ful Inc. is a girls empowerment organization dedicated to building the self worth and self esteem of adolescent girls. 
Beau2ful Inc.  infuses a unique blend of spoken word, music, visual art, and graphic design apparel.  Our 12 week program’s curriculum focuses on teaching self worth in a variety of uniquely tailored "Know Thy Worth" workshops.

What is Beau2ful Inc T-shirt line?

Beau2ful Inc. T-Shirt line  are custom designed T-Shirts  infused with our “Know Thy Worth” mantras.  Each T-shirt design  was created to correlate with the 12 week "Know Thy Worth" workshops for Beau2ful Inc.  
These T-shirts are available to the public and each purchase helps fund workshops for inner-city girls with in the Beau2ful Inc Program.
When you rock one of T-shirts you become one of our squad sisters within our Beau2ful Squad. We hope our Know Thy Worth mantras  empower you everywhere that you go.